Perplexity [noun]

Definition of Perplexity:


Opposite/Antonyms of Perplexity:

Sentence/Example of Perplexity:

"I know not about that," said the big archer, scratching his head in perplexity.

In her perplexity, she was appealing to him who was practically a stranger.

Langdon's perplexity was cut short by the cry, "They're off!"

But there was no trace of merriment or perplexity in the way he looked at Mr Verloc.

She hurried to her own apartment, leaving them all in astonishment and perplexity.

And it was with a child's look of pitiful dismay and perplexity that he faced the sheriff.

As it was, his perplexity deepened; so also did his interest in her.

For a moment Gerard seemed shaken, and then he relapsed into perplexity.

The General turned an arch smile of perplexity upon his chief-of-staff.

The clerk, seeing his perplexity, asked if he could be of any assistance.