Puzzlement [noun]

Definition of Puzzlement:


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Sentence/Example of Puzzlement:

While they waited he gave Beardsley a look of puzzlement and new respect.

But still, his features mirrored no recognition or alarm; only puzzlement.

And old Brooks, over him, gazed at the wet figure with puzzlement and pity.

Now Jed felt it too, and looked at Cal with puzzlement on his face.

Raoul glanced at his men as they came to a halt, puzzlement showing in their gestures.

"There's just one thing," Chris said, with puzzlement in his voice.

There was puzzlement in the honest old face of the attorney.

He saw the puzzlement in Nicetas's face and added, "My parents were Franks."

He smiled with quiet triumph; gradually his smile faded into puzzlement.

He shook his head and shrugged his massive shoulders in puzzlement.