Trance [noun]

Definition of Trance:

hypnotic state

Synonyms of Trance:

Opposite/Antonyms of Trance:

Sentence/Example of Trance:

It was Daisy's voice which awakened me from this species of trance.

There's sort of a look in your eyes as if you'd got in a trance and couldn't get out.

Had she been, indeed, as her mother said she looked, "in a trance?"

Indeed, he did not awake from this kind of trance until the geese and turkeys were unspitted.

As in a trance, he saw more than the dam; he saw what it symbolized.

Martha Graham gasped, entered the hall as though in a trance.

Miss Martha also seemed to be coming out of a dream, or trance.

Her trance was over now, and rude indeed had been the awakening.

At that word Davy looked like a man newly awakened from a trance.

I stood there, in front of our street-door, in a kind of trance.