Insensibility [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Insensibility:

He alludes to it as one of their evil customs and used by them to produce insensibility.

But the person he addressed was speechless, and after nature was fairly exhausted, he sank down in utter insensibility.

Ida did not shed a tear, but her compressed lips and contracted brow said this did not proceed from insensibility.

Down in his heart he was wondering at the insensibility of women in the very things in which men give them the greatest reverence.

Even her fidelity vexed the unfaithful husband, who seemed to bid her do wrong by stigmatizing her virtue as insensibility.

The cabin-door was locked, but yielded to his efforts, and he found her in the arms of her attendants in a state of insensibility.

The victim is oppressed by drowsiness, sinks into insensibility, finally death.

The night was a terrible one, and morning only brought insensibility.

Mark Waring was too honest to affect insensibility; he was not of the stuff out of which accomplished actors are made.

The young man fell heavily, and his head thumped the planks with violence which flung him into insensibility.