Ecstasy [noun]

Definition of Ecstasy:


Opposite/Antonyms of Ecstasy:

Sentence/Example of Ecstasy:

She started smoking weed, then moved on to psychedelics, ecstasy, and finally meth.

Hsieh increasingly turned to alcohol, mushrooms, and ecstasy following his retirement earlier this year.

She reached forward to it in ecstasy; but she might not enjoy it, save at the price which her conscience exacted.

It was a golden day, almost incredibly clear and radiant, quivering with brightness and life, and surely with ecstasy.

He saw pictures of exquisite delights, of earthly paradises, of joys that made life an ecstasy.

While Norman set to work as pioneer, some skipped about in wild ecstasy, and Ethel knelt down to peer into the hole.

A violent blow drew him from his ecstasy; his hat had been knocked off with the stroke of a soldier's halberd.

The small face of her friend had sunk from its ecstasy to its sullen suffering, its despondency, its doubt.

The music died away, and rose again; and the deeps of his spirit were opened, and ecstasy and grief welled up together within him.

Christophe followed the young officer to the grand staircase, not without a glance of ecstasy at the semi-Moorish tower.