Hell [noun]

Definition of Hell:

place of the condemned; bad situation

Opposite/Antonyms of Hell:

Sentence/Example of Hell:

It won’t solve the problem, but it will sure as hell lower the temperature.

Given the state of misinformation globally, he has a hell of a repair job ahead.

In the second movie, which came out in 1991, Bill and Ted end up on a “bogus journey” that takes them, for whatever reason, to the afterlife — both hell and heaven.

Venus is also very similar to Earth in size and composition, yet somehow it has turned into a hell planet.

Doing good and doing well cannot be mutually exclusive for us to have a chance in hell at creating the world that we want to live in.

If we launch a vaccine that is not fully vetted for safety, and has nasty side effects, there will be hell to pay for vaccines for years, which would cost hundreds of millions of lives.

My experience with health care unions is you get in there and you fight like hell.

What brought bedazzling bioluminescent nighttime waves also caused hell for the fine microfilters that separate salt from the water molecule at the privately-owned plant in Carlsbad.

We couldn’t have air bases around the world, naval bases around the world, and the world would be a hell of a lot more dangerous than it is today.

They used to declare that every unbaptised baby would go to Hell and burn for ever in fire and brimstone.