Delirium [noun]

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Smoking or inhaling cannabis can cause delirium and other psychoactive reactions, and can be toxic if used too heavily.

It was just such delirium," Gad says, "that two actors who had basically never used their hands for physical labor were suddenly working with saws and jackhammers.

Soon farmhands and slaughterhouse workers were showing up at emergency rooms in Nipah-induced deliriums.

“Muir and Andrews were sick for two or three weeks,” he wrote, Muir eventually suffering from delirium.

I nursed him through several attacks of delirium tremens, and was always in fear that he would get out and disgrace us.

During the delirium of the fever, Dorothy raved continually about her mother, and dared not be left a moment alone in the dark.

The head is painful, and the patient is now and then even affected with delirium.

The deep-set eyes of the soldier glowed with an unnatural fire, and he was muttering to himself, as if in delirium.

It is most frequent among those whose addiction to alcohol for years has caused repeated paroxysms of delirium tremens.

It is not so apt to happen during a first attack of delirium tremens as during subsequent attacks.