Saneness [noun]

Definition of Saneness:


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Sentence/Example of Saneness:

He vindicated the saneness of the bath as well as he was able, showing himself at least a good reader of music.

In all this, it has displayed a saneness, in spite of its revolutionary traditions and anarchistic blood.

But at the sound of the Bishop's voice, for a moment there flashed into his eyes almost the saneness of returned reason.

If the paper cares to discuss their truth or saneness, it will entrust that matter to the editorial writers.

That identity which is termed personal, Mr. Locke, I think, truly defines to consist in the saneness of rational being.

The real grain of saneness left in young Garron was his inborn love of a gun.

The comprehensiveness and symmetry, the saneness and dignity of the Book of Common Prayer are educative forces of enormous value.