Instability [noun]

Definition of Instability:

imbalance, inconstancy

Opposite/Antonyms of Instability:

Sentence/Example of Instability:

A recession in 1970-71, followed by the oil crisis and the subsequent drop in the value of the stock market a few years later, heightened feelings of economic and cultural instability across the country.

America is part of the first world, where political violence and economic instability do not occur.

You can also buy a frame for your yoga ball chair for times when you want a little less instability.

Maryland has a rocky history at that position, which has been plagued by injuries and instability.

It is hard to determine how big of an impact this will make beforehand, but you should expect some instability.

This doesn’t call the past instability into question, because it can explain so many features of the solar system at the same time.

Because it has a fixed issuance rate and is substantially immune from governmental intervention, advocates have often touted Bitcoin as a hedge against social or economic instability.

The Hokies also have pushed through instability at quarterback.

Vulnerable students likely aren’t opting out, but rather have been forced to move due to instability caused by the pandemic.

That makes a pretty compelling case that many of the students who are leaving aren’t just doing so simply because they have the means, but for other reasons that are more likely related to instability caused by the pandemic.