Changeableness [noun]

Definition of Changeableness:

imbalance, inconstancy

Opposite/Antonyms of Changeableness:

Sentence/Example of Changeableness:

For the changeableness of changeable things, is itself capable of all those forms, into which these changeable things are changed.

Thus will the changeableness of men be demonstrated at the same time as their egoism.

Yet this very changeableness was attractive, keeping my mind constantly on the alert, and yielding her a peculiar charm.

The reflection of Parmenides takes its rise from observation of the transitoriness and changeableness of things.

The tropics lack the proverbial uncertainty and changeableness of the weather of higher latitudes.

A marked changeableness of the weather is a striking characteristic of these zones.

There are other and sufficient reasons to account for this appearance of changeableness in religion.

But Molly was of too steady a disposition to be much moved by the changeableness of an unreasonable person.

This changeableness of weather is a marked characteristic of the greater portion of the Temperate Zones, especially in winter.

And it is enough that it has not ceased to exist, because of the changeableness and fickleness of the country.