Fluidity [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Fluidity:

Programmatic DOOH also provides greater budget fluidity in a time of uncertainty, empowering media buyers to shift budgets within DOOH campaign line items and to or from other media channels as circumstances dictate.

The best part of the UI is a consistent feeling of fluidity.

The simulated motion is just one of the ways Sircar imbues rock-solid substances with fluidity and grace.

This fluidity, though of advantage to the practised worker, is likely to give a beginner some trouble.

And gradually the earnest, immovable uniformity of accentuation is changed into a more billowing, rhythmic fluidity.

Let us take a liquid; is its fluidity the necessary quality?

For a real fluidity and an absolute immediacy are not compatible.

Each felt it as a sudden shock which, as in two chemicals hitherto mingling in placid fluidity, might cause crystallization.

In no manner are limp people to be depended on; their very central quality being fluidity, which is a bad thing to rest on.

Strangely enough, the physical objections to the theory of fluidity appear to have been entirely overlooked.