Transience [noun]

Definition of Transience:

imbalance, inconstancy

Opposite/Antonyms of Transience:

Sentence/Example of Transience:

Is it, perhaps, a taunt from some one who wishes to remind me of the transience of my office?

The element of mortality in the form is included in the transience of imagery.

On the other hand the mere fact of memory is an escape from transience.

Permanence, transience—Sir Ferdinando and his privies were gone, Crome still stood.

He put his pain with the transience of her youth and condescended to her so that he need not take note of himself.

This was now the reality; this great stone cathedral slumbering there in its mass, which knew no transience nor heard any denial.

At last he had found permanence in a life where heretofore had been naught but transience.

It was like a reminder of the transience of the thing he sought, a challenge rousing him to assert its immortality.