Impermanence [noun]

Definition of Impermanence:

imbalance, inconstancy

Opposite/Antonyms of Impermanence:

Sentence/Example of Impermanence:

As Buddhists see it, all organisms are necessarily, unavoidably—even marvelously and gloriously—impermanent.

As Buddhists see it, all organisms are necessarily—even marvelously and gloriously—impermanent.

While our illusion of permanence may be fostered by our sense of continuous memory, psychologists now understand that memories are not only frequently incorrect but as impermanent as our physical substance.

One knew that the Elephant never for a moment lost his sardonic sense of the impermanence of human effort.

Their vitality is not impaired by the impermanence of their texts.

It is parenthetically to be noted how his afternoon fears of the impermanence of the Agence Moignon had vanished.

He had been speculating upon the futility of his political energy in the light of the impermanence of life and fame.

If, indeed, their happiness had a flaw, it was in resembling too closely the bright impermanence of their surroundings.

The world's impermanence is still the same, And all material things are conformations Subject to pain, decay and dissolution.

The presence of the women and children took away much of that feeling of impermanence associated with most pioneer activities.