Inquietude [noun]

Definition of Inquietude:


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Sentence/Example of Inquietude:

Leave inquietude and remorse to those corrupt women who have cause to reproach themselves, or who have crimes to expiate.

A general rising and inquietude to look out for Mrs. Berlinton, gave Edgar, at length, an opportunity to stand next to Camilla.

The countenance of an upright man always gives inquietude to knaves.

This astonishment would have been carried to inquietude had I then known what the old creature was preparing for me.

But I dread the weakness and inquietude natural to every man, and, above all, to a man of his character.

What species of inquietude it betrayed, the light was not strong enough to enable me to discover.

All had a feature of boldness, inquietude, and disorder, extremely unlike any thing I had before observed in such a group.

Rousseau says he obtained the ease and grace of his style only by ceaseless inquietude, by endless blotches and erasures.

To the reigning monarch it was a period of endless inquietude.

Quite apart from these, however, she experienced a third sensation which made for a nameless inquietude.