Pliancy [noun]

Definition of Pliancy:


Opposite/Antonyms of Pliancy:


Sentence/Example of Pliancy:

Not a trace was left of her former manner; all was ease, pliancy, and elegance.

The difficulty was, then, to give to old wood the pliancy of young.

It is exactly this pliancy, so foreign to your character and habits, which makes me tremble.

Mrs. Mortimer put her motherly arms about the girl, but she found no pliancy.

Immersion in hot water, however, restores its softness and pliancy.

Another thing is, the quality of the straw as to pliancy and toughness.

A hint of pliancy here, of weakness perhaps, that is not Kate.

They had a sister; yet it was not her beauty, but the pliancy of her virtue, that recommended her to the king.

He had no retrospects nor afterthoughts; he tried to coax her into pliancy.

As a matter of fact, flexibility and pliancy are not correct definitions of a bow's chief quality, as they amount to weakness.