Pliability [noun]

Definition of Pliability:


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Sentence/Example of Pliability:

The grander the nature the greater its pliability towards truth.

If I fail, recollect that he is not proverbial for pliability.

When dried the leather should always be treated with dressing to restore its pliability.

It was not clever to rest so much on the pliability of a “society lady” with whom she was unacquainted.

Beneath her pliability she was now all firmness; the pliability had become a mockery.

Thousands of other instances might be adduced to show the pliability of the system.

The man had the tenacity of a Bruce or a Columbus, with a pliability that was all his own.

But there—with that supply of a convenient fiction—his pliability stopped.

I went, and was much impressed by the length of the flue-brush and its pliability.

But for once Mr. Harborough's love of sport exceeds his pliability.