Tractability [noun]

Definition of Tractability:


Opposite/Antonyms of Tractability:

Sentence/Example of Tractability:

I need not have been so surprised as I was at his tractability.

For once Margaret miscalculated the tractability of her father's temper.

But he only said this to keep up his courage, and not to be ashamed of his tractability.

Their suspicions would be lulled by my tractability and their contempt.

There was nothing marvellous in the fact of her tractability thus far.

Mrs Durbeyfield was only too delighted at this tractability.

Avice had seen all this before he pointed it out, but, with a girl's tractability, had acquiesced.

Would that my sister added to her many great qualities the humble one of tractability!

I'm to be tractability itself, on the distinct understanding that it commits me to nothing whatever.

He appeared to have reached that degree of culture that disarms viciousness and softens stubbornness into tractability.