Deference [noun]

Definition of Deference:

obedience, compliance

Synonyms of Deference:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deference:

Sentence/Example of Deference:

Video game presidents are usually written to provide some kind of authority or deference for law enforcement or protagonists, a red emergency hotline which bad dudes and hedgehogs may answer.

Thoughtful consideration is given to penalties that are recommended at the end of the disciplinary process, and we believe that the department should honor that, should give deference to that.

That deference, along with CFIUS’s growing scope, has amplified complaints that the process could be used for nakedly political ends.

At the same time, journalists who cover the presidency — including debate moderators — have reliably held to the custom of showing deference to the officeholder.

Not only are they required to do things in a proper orderly manner, but people have to treat them with due deference.

She, of course, was received with the most flattering attention, and great deference was paid to her opinions.

Out of deference to the Governor, the American soldiers had refrained from firing upon it.

To Amy he paid great deference, telling the undertaker to ask what she liked and abide by her decisions.

As the steamer came nearer, however, the reason for this seeming deference on their part became apparent.

There is one other instance of unworthy deference to private opinion, of which I must accuse myself.