Condescension [noun]

Definition of Condescension:

disdain, superiority

Synonyms of Condescension:

Opposite/Antonyms of Condescension:

Sentence/Example of Condescension:

As a longtime reader of historical romance, I frankly found much of this initial praise of Bridgerton to be coated in condescension toward the romance genre.

My first thought was that the tradition carries a vague sense of condescension based on the fact that she is a woman, and perhaps the tradition is no longer as charming as it once was.

The duke was in the highest animation, and he talked to every one round him, as we marched along, with more than condescension.

A loud laugh greeted this remark, and Billy, smiling with condescension, said he was gratified by their approval.

There was a slight, almost indescribable tone of condescension or disparagement in her voice, the reason of which I will explain.

Her overtures of familiarity and service was unskilfully made; her very timidity construed into labored condescension.

The act had condescension in it; yet, too, something unconsciously simple and primitive.

She nodded and smiled to one and another with an almost royal suavity and condescension.

It was a prodigious condescension from so great a man that he should have come to the stair head to meet us.

There was something about him I did not fancy, a sort of condescension, as though he were better than those about him.