Airs [noun]

Definition of Airs:

affectation; pretended behavior

Synonyms of Airs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Airs:

Sentence/Example of Airs:

On this the royal band of music would strike up its liveliest airs, and a great bell would toll its evening warning.

At the close of the reception a band of Philippine musicians played a selection of graceful airs of their native isles.

It was then just after seven o'clock, and the October evening was drawing in with chill airs from the recesses of the forest.

He sang bravura airs with a facility of vocalisation any prima donna might have envied.

All the old leaders are dead, and their children don't seem to care much—just stand aside and put on airs.

Mrs. Wheaton, for all her petty airs and evil-scenting profile, was really a woman of high ideals.

She looked exactly like him, besides having his aristocratic airs.

A sailor, who had brought an accordion with him, was playing "While the North Sea roars," and other popular airs.

It is better to play the simplest airs in a finished, faultless manner, than to play imperfectly the most brilliant variations.

It wants song tunes for that, the liveliest and softest airs, the sweetest songs.