Personality [noun]

Definition of Personality:

person's character, traits

Synonyms of Personality:

Opposite/Antonyms of Personality:


Sentence/Example of Personality:

A new Dick appeared to him, a personality stronger, deeper than he could have imagined.

The book and the personality of Job have caused much controversy.

By this means he gave to man an extended, a Titan personality.

Also he disliked Carter—seemed to associate his personality with that of Shandy's.

She felt as if she were drawing the lilies so into herself that her own personality waned.

“Force of personality,” he repeated, with ostentatious calm.

He was moved in his simplicity to urge moderation by asserting the claims of his own personality.

Neither was their personality stamped in any way, professionally, socially or racially.

Or was it some subtler echo of Lady St. Craye's personality that clung there?

In short, I became a personality, and that sufficed for my childish pride.