Charisma [noun]

Definition of Charisma:

great personal charm

Synonyms of Charisma:

Opposite/Antonyms of Charisma:


Sentence/Example of Charisma:

I got into record engineering and I was looking for someone with the charisma of Diana Ross and the Supremes, but make a new genre, which came to be known as Lovers Rock.

The politicians knew that nations tend to rally around military heroes and war leaders, and the charisma and masculinity they seem to embody.

Perhaps, by the time the crisis ends, worldwide understandings of political charisma will have changed.

For instance, the primary process highlights the ideas, charisma and biography of individual candidates, which is potentially tricky for presidential hopefuls who are closely tied to a previous administration.

She really had a lot of charisma -- you didn't want to laugh at her, you just wanted to laugh with her.

Janov has been criticized for his apparent desire for public charisma and for capitalizing on advertising hype.