Mannerism [noun]

Definition of Mannerism:

peculiarity of how someone behaves, acts

Synonyms of Mannerism:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mannerism:

Sentence/Example of Mannerism:

"I turn against you, if at all, for a lack of mannerism," said Vera briskly.

There was something in the action that suggested more than a mannerism.

He had only to exaggerate this manner, or mannerism, to set London talking.

Such a purpose degenerates into affectation, and becomes a mannerism.

His emotions were dynamic, and in his every mannerism there was distinction.

A player should be most careful not to indicate by some mannerism that his hand is trickless.

If one of the company had a trick or a mannerism, I never failed to catch it.

She had an aversion to publicity that became really a mannerism.

The resemblance in mannerism is, perhaps, more pronounced than similarity in voice.

Now, you are not afraid of the 'mannerism' you spoke of some days ago?