Idiosyncrasy [noun]

Definition of Idiosyncrasy:

oddity, quirk

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Sentence/Example of Idiosyncrasy:

Such idiosyncrasies, like the weird complexity and variability of smell, now turn out vital to understanding the brain—how it maneuvers an organism through a landscape of fast-changing molecular combinations.

While some of these idiosyncrasies can be explained by gravitational interactions in systems with multiple planets, there might be conditions where planets could form in bizarre orbits.

However, every election in every cycle brings its own idiosyncrasies.

In hay fever certain patients present a peculiar idiosyncrasy, often inherited, almost always neuroarthritic.

What reveals perhaps more distinctly than anything else Chopin's idiosyncrasy is his friendship for Titus Woyciechowski.

He had a constitutional dislike for falsehoods, which was perhaps not so much a virtue as an idiosyncrasy.

They chatted volubly over this idiosyncrasy, and even laughed at it, but quite decorously so that our feelings might be spared.

This very singular idiosyncrasy he attributed to a fright when he was an infant in the arms of his nurse.

This does not mean national idiosyncrasy, but is a word which characterizes that idiosyncrasy.

It is largely constitutional weakness, or prenatal predilection, or the idiosyncrasy of individuality.