Peculiarity [noun]

Definition of Peculiarity:

characteristic; oddity

Synonyms of Peculiarity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Peculiarity:

Sentence/Example of Peculiarity:

From this peculiarity he names the disorder Convulsio spargens.

When it fails, it is in consequence of some peculiarity in the composition of the ink.

The peculiarity of my temper is, ma'am, that I won't be swallowed up alive.'

It was the peculiarity of the nuptials that they were all Bride.

What was the peculiarity about the mine which constituted its recommendation to investors?

The Nascaupees have one peculiarity of speech, however, which is decidedly their own.

There was a peculiarity in the village of Muirden which I must not omit to notice.

It is said to be for this peculiarity that the scarabæus was venerated by the ancient Egyptians.

The peculiarity of the church is that the tower is at the east end.

It is possible that the professor has exaggerated this peculiarity.