Attribute [noun]

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According to this rule, as a result of the measurement, the state jumps into one of the states where the attribute in question has a well-defined value.

Dresses are certainly not taken as seriously as traditional sporting attire, despite their objectively positive attributes, like breathability and mobility.

Spend time on research and check out the attributes available to your business category in Google My Business, and simply spend a bit of time searching your competitors to see how they’re adapting.

With this attribute, you don’t have to create separate feeds for each country in order to control which products show where.

For example, the URL I inspected in Bing showed issues with meta language tags being missing and alt attributes for images missing.

On September 10th 2019, Google set the bar higher than before by adding two new attributes alongside the preexisting “nofollow” attribute, which had been in place for over 14 years.

“Parameter” refers to an attribute a machine learning model defines based on its training data.

As for his attributes, Susanoo was perceived as a temperamental, disheveled kami who is prone to chaotic mood swings – thus alluding to his power over the everchanging storms.

Mainly used as a recreational zone for the children to play and for the family and guests to walk around, the peristylium combined the attributes of a garden and a courtyard, while sometimes also flaunting its central fountains.

In fact, this very repetitive attribute of the weapon system gave its name Polybolos, which roughly translates to “throwing many missiles”.