Ostentation [noun]

Definition of Ostentation:

exhibitionism, flashiness

Opposite/Antonyms of Ostentation:

Sentence/Example of Ostentation:

Reflecting, by your ostentation, upon all the ladies in the county, who do not as you do.

For myself, I must say that I like absence of all ostentation.

In Spain, it is celebrated with all the pomp and ostentation imaginable.

This was no time, he remarked, for publicity and ostentation.

The man nearest him, combing his beard with ostentation, burst into a laugh.

In such isolation there is no rivalry of ostentation, and men care only to live.

Clarence slipped out of the stage and entered the bar-room with some ostentation.

That was the only ostentation about him, and his quiet, well-cut clothes were in good taste.

He had a singular abhorrence of luxury, waste, and ostentation.

There was no ostentation or superciliousness about Mrs. Washington.