Vaunt [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Vaunt:

He has answered me back, vaunt for vaunt, rhetoric for rhetoric.

Thus did he vaunt, and the Argives were stung by his saying.

Thus did he vaunt, but darkness closed the eyes of the other.

They put forth their hypothesis as a provisional one, and they vaunt its convenience.

You vaunt that you sit as firm on your throne as this pyramid reposes on its base.

All this I mention not by way of vaunt, but to show how much can be accomplished, when the mind is easy.

First came the "vaunt chase," and then the "midel," and then the "parfytieres."

Mankind vaunt their love of truth, but they are not to be trusted.

Nor did Agricola ever vaunt his exploits to blazon his own fame.

He had ceased to shout his amorous songs, and vaunt his lustful triumphs.