Display [noun]

Definition of Display:

public showing; spectacle

Opposite/Antonyms of Display:

Sentence/Example of Display:

The exterior of the watch retains the thinner design introduced two years ago and the brilliant always-on display from the 2019 models.

It can charge via USB while you’re shooting, and the 3-inch touchscreen display flips out and rotates around so you can see what you’re shooting when the camera is pointed at your own face.

Use Google Assistant and SiriYour phone’s digital assistant isn’t just there to answer questions and serve up trivia—sometimes speaking to your phone will be quicker than typing and swiping on its display.

The cheaper device, designed to compete with fitness trackers from companies like Fitbit, has no electrocardiogram test, no blood-oxygen level sensor, and no always-on face display.

Apple also released a second, cheaper version of the watch, called Apple Watch SE starting at $279, which lacks the ECG and SpO2 sensors as well as the always-on display that was introduced last year on the Series 5 watch.

This creates an immersive experience that generates better results than running just display ads alone.

Still, the possibilities of interconnectivity and information-sharing as forces for good are on display in every aspect of our lives, and they speak to a path forward for the companies and industries of the future.

Kitted out with a 22-inch HD touchscreen display, Bluetooth speakers, and built-in fans, it’ll almost make you forget you’re indoors.

A much less authentic but equally fascinating view of history is on display in Hulu’s “The Great.”

For LEDs, perovskites can achieve fantastic color quality which could lead to advanced flexible display technologies.