Exposure [noun]

Definition of Exposure:

uncovering; putting in view or danger

Opposite/Antonyms of Exposure:

Sentence/Example of Exposure:

Tucking in with wet feet can cause frostbite or injury called immersion or trench foot, caused by prolonged exposure to wet and cold conditions that—worst-case scenario—can cause skin tissue to die.

Sometimes it is a forum for executives to gain exposure to board members and for board members to have the opportunity to evaluate and provide input on executives.

Some of the students have parents or siblings with health issues who can’t risk exposure to the virus.

They have suffered the sharpest drop in employment since March, and many who have held onto jobs are essential workers who risk exposure every day.

More data could lead to more investment and more downloads, says Wanger, whose work supports the development and analysis of exposure notification apps.

Ride-shares are a bad idea — NFL data showed that exposure can result from simply driving friends to work.

Eglin’s new study also explored the possibility that repeated cold exposure could in some cases be harmful rather than just useless.

There is a small percentage that does come into conflict with people, and that’s often the only exposure the public has to coyotes.

That’s when there will be large groups of people who are vaccinated, as well as those who are not vaccinated, interacting in the same public spaces but with very different risk exposures.

Part two is about finding your people—seeking peers who are similar enough to you that you will want to make them your lifelong friends but different enough that they can change you fundamentally for the better by virtue of your exposure to them.