Denudation [noun]

Definition of Denudation:

uncovering; putting in view or danger

Opposite/Antonyms of Denudation:

Sentence/Example of Denudation:

The denudation of the Andes is so extraordinarily rapid that it would be a singular fact if this river did not yield float gold.

The denudation of that range was allowed to go on for an inordinate time with disastrous results to the plains below.

He also accumulated valuable data concerning the stupendous effects of sub-aerial denudation at great elevations.

In his rear all was secure in spite of the denudation of the garrisons.

There is an enormous difference between mean and maximum denudation and deposition.

I think I agree largely with you about denudation—but the rocky-lake-basin theory is the part which interests me at present.

This makes me a little sceptical whether Ramsay, Jukes, etc., are not a little overdoing sub-aerial denudation.

The greatest discovery was in methods of denudation displayed beneath the glacier.

A median extension of the denudation is made in an upward direction for another inch in length to form a supporting column.

The process of denudation should be carried out with a scalpel or pointed curved scissors.