Unveiling [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Unveiling:

The meanings are in those forms already, else they could be no garment of unveiling.

The ceremony of unveiling the statue of Rhaetia was about to begin.

"Too late," he uttered, and was unveiling his face when she sat up in bed with a scream.

And yet one must be a woman to feel what I feel to-day, in unveiling and adorning your beauty.

May we venture to see there an unveiling of the divine heart?

The removal of these differences is just the unveiling of it, in which it at once comes to be and to be known.

Others are considerably taken back by the unveiling of Anderson.

That unveiling did expose him to the stare of everybody waiting in the lobby.

The verses which follow were written for the unveiling of the statue, December 9, 1879.

Like every play of this period, it is the unveiling of a lie.