Festivities [noun]

Definition of Festivities:

celebration, revelry

Synonyms of Festivities:

Opposite/Antonyms of Festivities:

Sentence/Example of Festivities:

The wedding breakfast very much resembled the similar festivities at which most of us have assisted.

The business part of the proceedings came first, and I did not stay for the festivities.

The festivities lasted for several days, some Americans being among the invited guests.

The girl had expected to find the house still and quiet, and here were evidences of social festivities.

The Felibrean festivities continue, the numerous publications in the Provençal tongue still have in him a constant contributor.

Men eminent in literary and philological circles in Paris have often accepted invitations to these festivities.

She made much of the latter and of Mlle. Birotteau, and was invited with her husband to the festivities.

After which festivities Thyrsis bid farewell to his family once more, and went away to wrestle with his angel.

The festivities of the Preston Gild were held at intervals of twenty years.

Instead of greeting him with cheers and festivities, people now looked coldly upon him and avoided him as much as they could.