Arrival [noun]

Definition of Arrival:

coming to a destination

Synonyms of Arrival:

Opposite/Antonyms of Arrival:

Sentence/Example of Arrival:

I was glad, as I thought the arrival of a new party would liven up the night.

The imminent arrival of iOS14 heralds another shakeup in marketing and advertising and brands can expect targeted ad tracking to become redundant.

Once the elevator bell announced our arrival, we were led to a conference room, passing some of Cameron’s private memorabilia along the way.

All patients were screened upon arrival at the hospital with forehead temperature checks and standard questionnaires.

Even before the arrival of Covid-19, delivery jobs were the fastest growing in the US.

Upon arrival in the United States, Bohr began collaborating with John Archibald Wheeler at Princeton to explain the fission process.

The post Shut out of Fire TV and Roku, Peacock is the latest example of the arrival power moves to streaming appeared first on Digiday.

Work will be helped by the arrival of the next big machine at Oak Ridge, called Frontier, planned for next year.

But Lucy had noted, out of the corner of her watchful eye, the arrival of Miss Grains, indignant and perspiring.

It was with a feeling of relief on both sides that the arrival of Mr. Haggard, of the Home Office, was announced.