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Check out the agenda, including an eye-opening keynote from our new Director of Search Content, Carolyn Lynden, dedicated SEO and PPC learning journeys, Overtime live Q&A, and more.

CES 2021 is still happening — without Vegas, crowds, prototypes or germsSamsung’s CES keynote presentation, a half-hour video, calls its focus a “Better Normal for All.”

At the 2021 show, Verizon takes the stop spot for the keynote and Samsung will be announcing its new 5G-enabled devices at an event after the show.

In her keynote, Zuboff suggested EU regulators should follow two key principles as they consider what to do.

Make diversity in your speaker line-ups and keynotes a top priority.

LeCun, now a frequent critic of AGI chatter, gave a keynote.

Instead of choosing a single rising star to deliver the keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention Tuesday night, the party highlighted 17 up-and-coming politicians.

He is also an award-winning author and global keynote speaker.

Daring ambition rather than any merely abstract virtue was the keynote of her character.

These are the keynote of the great Republic, dominating all other chords, sacrificing harmony to noise, beauty to bulk.