Idea [noun]

Definition of Idea:

something understood, planned, or

Opposite/Antonyms of Idea:

Sentence/Example of Idea:

Gin was just a flickering idea, the way some journos muse about writing novels.

As a means to help their patients talk about sexual freedom and risk-taking, sex therapists were using the idea of getting out of a physical comfort zone in the outdoors.

Bernard Azevedo, the terminated CPUC auditor who first alleged that $200 million was outstanding, said in an interview that he has been worried all along that the CPUC has little idea of what it is owed.

Finally, because lab testing reflects only a narrow percentage of real-life crashes, we have little idea about how realistic it is.

What’s particularly puzzling about Roy’s comments is this idea that mentioning Wright’s diagnosis is somehow partisan.

We have no idea how close we are to the end of the pandemic.

I have no idea how to get this out without ruining the fabric.

The New England region processed the idea of Brady playing for another franchise from the time he joined the Buccaneers in the spring through Tampa Bay’s coalescing into a title contender in late autumn.

The NFL’s state-of-the-art offense wound up with its ideas looking spent and its space looking scarce.

Wherever human passion is found, there’s often a fringe of obsession at the edges, and Two of Us explores that idea fearlessly.