Meaning [noun]

Definition of Meaning:

message, signification

Opposite/Antonyms of Meaning:

Sentence/Example of Meaning:

The people demanded of Antiphon the meaning of these visions.

The young man stared at his mother until he had mastered her meaning.

When I asked the meaning of this, they showed me a triangle.

She was afraid that she now understood the meaning of the bill she had received.

Voices sounded in the hall, but he gave no heed to the meaning of all this.

He saw now the meaning of the manner in which Allister and Clune made their attack.

Internecine destruction probably has a meaning we can only guess at.

Meaning what we mean, he required a stronger, fiercer vocabulary than we ever need.

We are at work not on the truth of passages, but solely on their meaning.

I got a dispatch from, him quoting the Virago of Paris—meaning the Figaro, of course.