Thrust [noun]

Definition of Thrust:

point of communication

Synonyms of Thrust:

Opposite/Antonyms of Thrust:


Sentence/Example of Thrust:

A broken kitchen knife had been thrust through a bit of the paper on the box.

Viviette followed him, but he turned on her rudely and thrust her back.

But mark these houses, Alleyne, how they thrust forth upon the top.

But that choice is not thrust upon us by the nature of things.

They found her afterwards by her own hearthstone, thrust through by a Frenchman's bill.

His head was thrust forward menacingly, and his eyes were savage.

For very fear of himself, he thrust his hands in the pockets of his Norfolk coat.

"Because I want to do it myself," she said at last, and thrust the envelope into the flame.

He won eighty dollars, and thrust it loose in his trousers pocket.

He thrust it back into his pocket, but his hand retained its grasp of it.