Core [noun]

Definition of Core:

center, gist

Synonyms of Core:

Opposite/Antonyms of Core:

Sentence/Example of Core:

But Harris, exhausted and shaken as he was to the very core, paced by his side, only half listening.

In moments of utter bereavement who has not felt, to the heart's core, the tender attachment of a faithful dog?

It was one of the conservative sheets, comic-less, reactionary Republican to the core.

The measure of oil also, a bate of oil is the tenth part of a core: and ten bates make a core: for ten bates fill a core.

She peered at first into Um's room for there, indeed, lay the core of old Mata's heart.

The tire on its steel core is taken to the mold room and placed in a steel box or mold, shaped to exactly enclose it.

In making tires, the strips of fabric are built together about a steel core to form the body or carcass of the tire.

As the first marching figure came into sight in the moonlight, I shuddered to the core with something worse than fear.

In vain you may know him to the core—know him a liar, a comedian—he manages always to get the better of you with his stories.

It must be noticed that there were no walls made of laters coct alone, even the thin partition walls having a core of concrete.