Staple [adjective]

Definition of Staple:

necessary, basic

Synonyms of Staple:

Opposite/Antonyms of Staple:

Sentence/Example of Staple:

The staple length of common American cotton is from 24-28 mm.

A difference of only 1/2 mm in the length of the staple, may mean a difference of 10% in the value.

Pig-meat, in its various forms, is our staple article of food.

But we must not think of it as our principal or staple industry.

When the latch clicked and the hook dropped into the staple he, too, entered the kitchen.

The Captain pulled the door shut again, and dropped the hook into the staple.

The staple industry of Mauritius is the cultivation of sugar.

The staple crop for the small farmer is the sea island cotton.

This plant furnishes the staple food for the population of Brazil.

"It air about Daddy ye comed," she said, lifting the padlock from the staple.