Secondary [adjective]

Definition of Secondary:

subordinate; less important

Opposite/Antonyms of Secondary:

Sentence/Example of Secondary:

We know what she was, and it is of secondary importance where she went or what she did.

The world's opinion ought to be but a secondary consideration.

What I am to my family, my country, myself, is all secondary.

Whether it was just, or honorable, or kind, is a secondary consideration.

It is especially the authorities of secondary schools who have raised opposition.

But all these things are secondary, if education, which is the great matter, be duly regarded.

The following of Miss Ford now became a matter of secondary importance.

This is a minimum of 20 feet for secondary roads and ranges from 24 to 30 feet for main roads.

The argument is secondary, the finish of the verses is primary.

So we may pass that evidence over, as of secondary importance.