Large [adjective]

Definition of Large:

big, abundant

Opposite/Antonyms of Large:

Sentence/Example of Large:

In 2019, the AOS rejected an earlier proposal to rename the McCown’s longspur, in large part because there was no policy in place for changing a name based on offensiveness.

In less than two years, SpaceX launched more than 1,000 new satellites for its Starlink constellation, becoming the world’s largest satellite operator and increasing the number of active satellites by nearly a third.

It directly reflects a set of larger problems facing helmet makers.

A large part of the value comes from the number of other people on it.

In other large cities, from Los Angeles to Miami, there were parallel efforts to grow the sport but little coordination.

TruConnect, the country’s fourth-largest Lifeline provider, in response started to slow its “efforts on the marketing side to enroll new members,” said Matthew Johnson, the company’s co-chief executive.

In a new question this week, only 11% said they see a large risk in outdoor sports, such as skiing, sledding or skating.

I’m very grateful to be a part of a large movement with many leaders.

That 20% was enough for a remarkable, almost instantaneous response of large marine animals coming closer to shore and claiming back their ancestral territory.

This is also the group holding the largest amount of student debt, with about one-third of all young people under 30 holding debt.