Sizable [adjective]

Definition of Sizable:

considerable, large

Synonyms of Sizable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sizable:

Sentence/Example of Sizable:

Nevertheless, there was a sizable turnout of people for the afternoon performance.

Tom had with him quite a sizable trunk full of clothing, as had most others of them.

Sornal would get his freedom, and there might be sizable damages.

Shvernik said, "First you take a sizable portion of vodka, like this."

They have nearly 700 children there, and all sizable youngsters.

In a moment a shower of sizable firewood was dropping all about the herring-tub.

By return mail came his assurance of obedience and a sizable check.

"This is the Index on an institution to whom we have given a sizable grant," he said.

An' let me whisper to you, Queen City's quite a sizable place.

To tell the full story of Erie would require a sizable book.