Spacious [adjective]

Definition of Spacious:

extensive, expansive

Synonyms of Spacious:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spacious:

Sentence/Example of Spacious:

Spacious and genial was the old homely house, with its impartial square.

Spacious and graceful it looked as it reared its uprights into the air.

Spacious valleys, surrounded by high walls of rock, over the very ridge of which passes the railway, are common.

Spacious walks paved with huge blocks of opal divided the rows of palaces.

Spacious stairways of Italian marble, the tread of which covered with Turkish carpets, leads you to the interior.

Spacious court-yards lay before the astonished lookers-on, filled with all varieties of tropical fruits and vegetation.

You were conducted, and indeed led, up the west staircase—the Spacious west staircase, Sir!

Spacious mirrors in gilt frames formed panels in the lower part of the walls, the remainder being toned in sage-green.

Spacious pastures led up by slow degrees to ordered clusters of wood, which hinted at the presence of some great manor house.

Spacious, comfortably furnished, each opening on a view of the ocean, the rooms of the hotel are very attractive and pleasing.