Roomy [adjective]

Definition of Roomy:

having ample space

Synonyms of Roomy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Roomy:

Sentence/Example of Roomy:

And yet there ought to be so much to do here; it's all so fresh and roomy and jolly.

He stood on the hearthrug in big, roomy boots, and uttered no word of greeting.

It was a large, roomy house, and possessed a separate entrance.

His feet were the loaded gyves that made of the world but a roomy prison.

It was roomy, cool, and comfortable, with a picturesqueness all its own.

It was a roomy two-storied house, unpretentious, but very capacious.

All these dear children had learned to walk on her roomy quarter-deck.

The interior of the van was roomy, even allowing for the car.

The settler who had a roomy house often had also the meeting.

Twenty of them lived there together, because it was a convenient, roomy hollow.