Cluttered [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Cluttered:

We are thinking about what can we do to break through the clutter.

Some people are sufficiently disciplined to follow the method of organizing guru Marie Kondo, who believes eliminating clutter reduces anxiety and instills tranquility in your life.

The design is versatile enough to work in a kitchen, office, bathroom, or living space, and you’ll be relieved to acquire a new space for some of that clutter on your other surfaces.

Nobody wants clutter—it overloads our senses and causes undue stress in all aspects of our lives.

Organized storage prevents items from being lost, and reduces clutter in and around your yard.

Suddenly something cluttered up the airways—some sort of interference—and the mystery of the ether died away.

A simple ambition perhaps, but in the cluttered life of Henry Bemis, an impossibility.

His shack back of the Brady lodge was cluttered with melodramatic magazines which he read by the hour.

In one part of it stood several upholstered chairs with covers on, cluttered about a plain table.

He glanced about the cluttered city room, now suddenly grown large and empty.