Extensive [adjective]

Definition of Extensive:

far-reaching, thorough

Opposite/Antonyms of Extensive:

Sentence/Example of Extensive:

Doctors provide a useful example here thanks to extensive data on doctor-patient interactions and research into racial inequalities in patient care.

Two prominent academics offered extensive research they say proves the effort “illusory”—and a bad idea, even if it weren’t.

Belarus is not a country with extensive well-developed ties to other countries outside its neighborhood.

SDG&E employees have participated in “extensive” drills for conducting wildfire management and shutoff procedures completely virtually, Winn said.

The posts don’t need to be extensive, persuasive essays to get the job done.

Before it can be hailed as a resounding success, though, scientists feel that a more extensive trial of the therapy is needed, and are working to launch such a trial later this year.

Joseph Dyson is a Senior Account Manager at Search Berg with extensive experience in lead generation and digital marketing.

Whisper Valley will run on an integrated energy system that includes an extensive ambient loop network heated and cooled by heat pumps and geothermal wells located at each house.

She notes that those places did extensive social distancing.

There is extensive price controls, exchange controls, import controls.