Voluminous [adjective]

Definition of Voluminous:

big, vast

Synonyms of Voluminous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Voluminous:

Sentence/Example of Voluminous:

There followed a voluminous screed of irrelevant dissertation.

He furnished me with several letters, and with voluminous suggestions and advice.

He was a voluminous author, having written some sixty tracts and books.

From Burgoyne's voluminous correspondence we learn his state of mind.

In all his voluminous writings a mean sentiment is not to be found.

Her calico frock was voluminous, unshapely and starch-clean.

The letters which he writes are the most animated in the voluminous correspondence.

The mention of nails is suggestive of voluminous distresses.

He took out a voluminous notebook, at the sight of which Nadia smiled.

We understand this work will be very complete and voluminous.