Expansive [adjective]

Definition of Expansive:

broad, comprehensive

Synonyms of Expansive:

Opposite/Antonyms of Expansive:

Sentence/Example of Expansive:

Particles were out, and fields — expansive, undulating entities that fill space like an ocean — were in.

It is the perfect geographical recipe for creating expansive wetlands—and therefore the perfect habitat for star-nosed moles.

They chose these states because of their expansive and high-quality highway systems, good weather, and large trucking industry.

After all, under an expansive view of “most valuable,” there can be more candidates from which to choose.

Fuel oil began to leak into the expansive turquoise blue lagoon outside the coastal village of Mahébourg.

The drawing shows the simplicity of parts of this highly expansive steam-engine, beginning the up-stroke with steam of 100 lbs.

The Herland 33-inch pole high-pressure expansive steam puffer-engine commenced its up-stroke with steam of 150 lbs.

The Wheal Prosper 16-inch pole high-pressure expansive steam vacuum engine commenced its up-stroke with steam of 100 lbs.

The principle of expansive working and momentum of moving parts was of necessity modified in its application to pump-work.

The valve open while the plunger-pole ascended 20 inches, then went the remainder of the 10-feet stroke expansive.