Expanding [verb]

Definition of Expanding:

extend, augment

Synonyms of Expanding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Expanding:

Sentence/Example of Expanding:

The whole thing begins to have a jigsaw look, like a child's toy rack with wooden soldiers on it, expanding and contracting.

Additional millions of dollars have been spent recently for expanding existing facilities.

No one doubts the urgent need that there has been for houses to accommodate a rapidly expanding population.

His naked, parchment-like chest swelled as if it were an expanding balloon.

A fifth method of expanding a topic is by means of illustrations and examples.

But the difficulties attendant on attempts to regulate expanding trade were daily growing greater and more numerous.

His whole frame had sensations as if pressed to its utmost tension by some expanding power, as by some great hydraulic press.

The way in which I found my love for those soldier boys expanding was really wonderful.

Opening a drawer, she took out a rough balance sheet, which showed that the business was profitable and expanding fast.

Go on with your exposition, I again beg of you; lead me deeper into this expanding study.